11/15 16:20~ 東北・イスラエル スタートアップ グローバル チャレンジ プログラム オンラインレクチャー / Tohoku – Israel Startup Global Challenge Program Online Lecture


この度、みちのくアカデミア発スタートアップ共創プラットフォームでは、東北・イスラエル スタートアップ グローバルチャレンジプログラムと協力し、本プラットフォームに所属する主幹・共同大学の教職員・学生及び、みちのくGAPファンド採択者を対象にオンラインレクチャーを実施します。


 そのような中、人口が900万人程度で東北地方と同規模の国イスラエルでは、飛躍的な発展が続いています。毎年500〜1000社ほどのスタートアップが生まれると言われ、イスラエルへの VC 投資額は GDP 比で世界1位(2017 年、OECD Entrepreneurship at a Glanceより)です。また、ブルームバーグイノベーションインデックス(2021、日本12位)で7位、グローバルスタートアップエコシステムランキングでは、テルアビブ市が7位(2022、東京都は12位)に入っています。




【イベント名称】:東北・イスラエル スタートアップ グローバル チャレンジ プログラム オンラインレクチャー with みちのくアカデミア発スタートアップ共創プラットフォーム『世界で生き抜け!グローバル起業家の頭の中!』




【講師】エラッド・イェシュノ(Elad Yeshno)

Data Of The Soil (DOTS) 共同設立者 兼 CTO 


学位取得後、同大学のオファー・ダハン教授(Ofer Dahan/ザッカーバーグ水研究所)とシュロミ・アーノン教授(Shlomi Arnon/電子・コンピュータ工学)と共に、肥料の過剰摂取による水質汚染という甚大な問題に対するソリューションを提供するDOTS(Data Of The Soil)を設立。



運営:駐日イスラエル大使館、スパークル株式会社、Entrepreneurship Forum Israel (EFI)、The 8200 Alumni Association








The Michinoku Academia Startup Platform*, in cooperation with the Tohoku-Israel Startup Global Challenge Program, will hold an online lecture addressed to students, faculty and staff members of the principal and joint universities taking part in the platform, and for Michinoku GAP Fund recipients.

Within this era of VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity – also including the COVID-19 pandemic, students and faculty members are nowadays expected to have a global perspective, a mindset that is flexible and not bound by conventional precedents, and the ability to adapt to the changing environments.

In such circumstances, Israel is showing remarkable progress, with a population of just 9 million which is about the same as the Tohoku region. 

An estimated 500-1,000 startups emerge each year, and VC investment in Israel is the first in the world as a percentage of GDP (OECD Entrepreneurship at a Glance, 2017). The nation is also ranked 7th in the Bloomberg Innovation Index (2021, Japan 12th), while Tel Aviv City placed 7th in the Global Startup Ecosystem Rankings (2022, Tokyo ranked 12th).

What made Israel such an innovation giant? This event serves as an opportunity to learn from one of the Israeli entrepreneurs about his global perspectives and the mindset to move forward in unstable times.

*The Michinoku Academia Startup Platform includes Tohoku University, Hirosaki University, Iwate University, Akita University, Yamagata University, Fukushima University, Niigata University, Nagaoka University of Technology, Miyagi University, and the University of Aizu.

Event Outline

【Event Name:】

Tohoku – Israel Startup Global Challenge Program Online Lecture with Michinoku Academia Startup Platform “Thrive in the World – Step Inside the Minds of Global Entrepreneurs”

【Date & Time】 Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 16:20-17:50 (Japan time)

【Place】Online (Zoom Webinar)

【Language】English (with simultaneous interpretation in Japanese)

【Lecturer】Elad Yeshno(Co-founder and CTO of Data Of The Soil (DOTS))

Elad Yeshno recently received his Ph.D. from BGU – Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, in Hydrology and Water Resources Science.

Having completed his degree, Elad joined BGU Prof. Ofer Dahan (Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research) and Professor Shlomi Arnon (Electrical and Computer Engineering), to found DOTS, Data Of The Soil, which offers a solution to the immense problem of water contamination by fertilizer overdose.

DOTS is a revolutionary enabler, helping optimize farming budgets around the world, lowering variable costs, and raising yield values, while dramatically reducing the environmental impact caused by agricultural pollution.

 [Organizer] Tohoku University / Michinoku Academia Startup Platform

 [Management] Embassy of Israel in Japan, Spurcle Inc., Entrepreneurship Forum Israel (EFI),   The 8200 Alumni Association

 [Support] Sendai Startup Ecosystem Acceleration Council 


  • Students, faculty and staff members of Michinoku Academia Startup Platform 

(Tohoku University, Hirosaki University, Iwate University, Akita University, Yamagata University, Fukushima University, Niigata University, Nagaoka University of Technology, Miyagi University, The University of Aizu) 

  • Michinoku Gap Fund recipients and collaborators

*Please note that those who are not listed above are not eligible to apply.


Please apply from the following link:

*Deadline: November 13 (Sun)

*Capacity: 500 people