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The Tohoku University Graduate School of Economics and Management prepares future business leaders to understand the modern global economy and build better careers in a knowledge-based society. Graduates are equipped to manage new opportunities, connect distant economies, control high volumes of information, and surpass internationalization demands in business around the world.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Through a unique integration of Economics and Business Management studies, students in the Economics and Management program at Tohoku University study the full range of topics relevant to the modern business world. Topics range widely from Economics subjects such as History of Social Thought and Applied Macroeconomics, to Management subjects such as Industrial Engineering, Regional Planning, and International Accounting. Throughout the undergraduate and graduate courses, the faculty cultivates students’ analytical skills and emphasizes linking textbook and lecture concepts with real business events.

Professional Training

We encourage every student to grow beyond fundamental knowledge to become specialists. Undergraduate students in their third year select a specialized field, under the guidance of an academic advisor, and acquire knowledge enabling them to complete an academic thesis in their fourth year. Postgraduate students build on their skills and experience to become experts and lead researchers who step into the forefront of their specialty.

Small Group Instruction

To give students personal instruction and assisted group study, we provide small-group instruction. Our facility lends itself to this with many small classrooms where teaching staff work directly with small groups of students.

Contemporary Research

We are committed to building the local and global community through cooperative research, sharing advances, and nurturing students to become social leaders. The Regional Innovation Research Center drives our regional involvement with local business, and our global connections grow through partnerships, international conferences, and international awards and publications.

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