Global Program in Economics and Management

Since 2014 the Graduate School of Economics and Management of Tohoku University has been offering an international program called Global Program in Economics and Management (GPEM), specifically targeting students who aspire to become global professionals. The goal of GPEM is to offer graduate level education in economics and management and to equip the students with the following skills; 1) an ability to address the problem and to elaborate the solution, 2) an ability to understand the problem in a global context, and 3) an ability to collaborate with people with different language, culture, and values. GPEM is designed for both international and Japanese students. GPEM will be mainly taught in English, and it is possible to obtain a master’s degree by taking the courses taught in English only. At the same time, for those who wish to continue research beyond master’s level, an opportunity is available to enter the doctoral program after finishing GPEM master’s program.


The application documents and procedures differ due to the backgrounds of prospective students. Please follow one of the following, which suits you best.