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We provide an educational environment corresponding to every student's individuality and capability.

The graduates of the Tohoku University Department of Economics are playing an active role in various fields, not only in Japan but also around the world. We have been able to produce a large number of highly skilled graduates mainly because of the integrated education of Economics and Business Administration, and small-group instruction that enables you to keep close contact with your teachers. We have an educational environment where students acquire skills to deal with various economic situations in a homelike atmosphere.

What is Economics?

It explains the mechanism of economic society, which is continuously changing.

We will analyze the structure of the economy and society, and gain deep insight into its various aspects, such as theory, policy, and history. We learn modern techniques of statistical analyses and also forecast future economic trends. We pay good attention to the environment and welfare issues. In short, studying Economics is learning the skills to analyze our society.

What is Business Administration?

It examines the problems that enterprises and local societies face.

We study the mechanisms of management bodies. We examine carefully what relationships exit among enterprises and society. We also learn how to devise enterprise best strategies from theoretical, historical and practical points of view. Our main concern is to identify the problems of local society and search for solutions.

Educational policy - You study Economics and Business Administration

Many other universities separate Economics from Business administration and teach each field separately with different emphasis. However, our educational policy is different. We strongly believe that studying both economics and Business Administration together helps students to understand fully the modern society and to get better careers in a knowledge-based society. The uniqueness of our educational system is the integration of Economics and Business Administration fields. The faculty of Economics consists of the Department of Economics and the Department of Business Administration. Affiliation of department is decided in accordance with your choice of seminars, which you make when moving up to third year. But you are free to select subjects irrespective of your affiliation of departments.

Education in the Faculty of Economics, Tohoku University aims at:

Comprehensive fundamental knowledge: Organized and integrated education of economics and business administration.

Our comprehensive curriculum offers a wide range of subjects to learn the basic theories of economics and business administration. Most importantly, we offer an education that places importance not on memorizing but on cultivating the habit of constructive thinking in students. We also make students familiar not only with narrow, specific events, but also encourage them to judge events in their entirety. With comprehensive understanding of fundamental theories of economics and business administration, it is possible to deal with problems of the modern market economy and corporate activities that have become increasingly complex because of internationalization and informatization.

Deepening specialty: Education for further specialization in a specific field by studying in seminar.

We want each of you not only to study fundamental knowledge, but also to be a specialist who has innovative ideas in a specific field. Therefore, when moving up to third year, all students will study their specialized fields in seminars under the guidance of a certain instructor for two years. In fourth year, students will complete a seminar thesis. In this process students acquire specialized knowledge in their respective specialized fields as well as comprehensive fundamental knowledge.

Strong coordination: Education that enlarges intellectual value added in coordination with the graduate school.

The Graduate School of Economics and Management consists of two major Departments: Department of Economics and Management, and Department of Accountancy (Accounting School). All the instructors of the Faculty of Economics are also instructors of the Graduate School. We make the best use of expertise of every instructor for faculty education. We also make available many subjects in the Graduate School for undergraduate students who have eagerness for further study. Undergraduate students can acquire higher intellectual value by learning together with graduate students.

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