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Requirements for graduation

In the Faculty of Economics, Tohoku University, an academic year is divided into two semesters throughout the four-year undergraduate study. The total credits necessary for graduation are 137, out of which 41 credits of Subjects Common across Campus (zengaku-kyoiku kamoku) and 96 credits of Specialty Subjects (senmon-kamoku) are required.
Although the regular period of graduation is 4 years, students who have earned necessary credits with excellent scores can graduate in three years.

First and Second Year Study

In the first and second years, students choose subjects from "Subjects Common across Campus" according to their interest. Among these subjects are Liberal Arts, Foreign Language, Information Science, Health and Physical Education and Introductory Seminar. At the same time, Introductory Mathematics for Economics and Business Management and six other introductory subjects are offered from first year. We wish students to understand the basis of methodology of Economics and Business Administration through these courses. In the second year, students begin the study of specialty subjects.

Third and Fourth Year Study - Full-fledged Study of Specialty Subjects

During the third and fourth years students will learn Fundamental Specialty Subjects (altogether 26 subjects including the subjects started from the second year), which systematize the basic study in the fields of economics and business management, and Expanded Specialty Subjects, which covers specific topics such as region, environment, information, and mathematical technique.

Deepening Interest and Writing an Essay in Seminar

Through two-year study in a seminar, students can further deepen their interest and round off their study with a seminar essay. This will be the outcome of their four years' study in university.

Taking Graduate-level Lectures by Means of Special Lecture

More than one hundred Special Lectures are designed for graduate students, and are also available to undergraduate students. Permission of the lecturer is required to take the lecture. As most of the lecturers welcome undergraduate students to their lectures, those students with interest can take the lectures with graduate students.

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