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Study Environment

Tohoku University Library

Tohoku University LibraryOn the campus of the Faculty of Economics, the Tohoku University Library is nearby with a wealth of valuable data. Here you can consult various data records and books.

Library of Faculty and Graduate School of Economics and Management

Library of Faculty and Graduate School of Economics and ManagementMany domestic and foreign economic magazines can be found in this library. And here you can find economic data such as statistical reports, financial reports, stock quotations and more in digital formats.

ICT Room

ICT RoomStudents can freely use software applications for statistical analysis and auditing, and all other IT facilities including a computer network that supports modern multimedia applications.

Lecture Rooms

Lecture RoomsFor various lectures and public events, the lecture rooms accommodate many students.


LoungeStudents meet and talk with friends and seminar classmates in a relaxing atmosphere at the lounge.

Seminar Rooms

Seminar RoomsTo give students personal instruction and assisted group study, we provide small-group exercise lessons. Our facility lends itself to this with many small classrooms where teaching staff work directly with small groups of students.

Computer Network (LAN/Wireless LAN)

Computer Network(LAN/Wireless LAN)Lecture rooms and laboratories at the Faculty of Economics are equipped with a secure high-speed wireless computer network.

Joint Research Rooms

Joint Research RoomsThe Graduate School of Economics and Management provides joint research rooms for its graduate students. Each room is equipped with computer networking.

Rental PC

Rental PCStudents at the Graduate School of Economics and Management can borrow notebook or desktop PCs. Note that the number and the type of computer change every year.