International Conference on

gRecent Development of Statistical Modeling in Marketing

-Latent Variable and Latent Structure Approach-h

@Last updated 12/10/2004

Date: December 1-2, 2004

Place: The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM), Tokyo, Japan(

Aim and Scope:
As a series of international conference financially supported by the Japanese ministryof education scientific research grant on the topic "Statistical analysis on the structure by using latent variables (No.(A) 15200022 )", we now shed light on the area of "Marketing". The possible topics include factor analysis, mixture models, structural equation models, missing data models, and e.t.c. All of these have been commonly used in marketing problems.

Guest Speakers: In alphabetical order,
Greg M. Allenby (The Ohio State University)
Pradeep Chintagunta (University of Chicago)
Terry Elrod (University of Alberta)
Peter E. Rossi (University of Chicago)
Michel Wedel (University of Michigan)

The Japanese Ministry of Education Scientific Research Grant No.(A) 15200022(Principal: H.,Wago))
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
The Japan Statistical Society
Japan Institute of Marketing Science

Nobuhiko Terui (Tohoku University)
Hajime Wago (Nagoya University)
Tomoyuki Higuchi (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
Makoto Abe (University of Tokyo)