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Basic Seminar / International Seminar

Course Title
Basic Seminar (Taught in Japanese; 2 Credits)

Contribution to campus internationalization: International students and Japanese students work together on cross-cultural projects to

International Seminar (Taught in English; 2 Credits)/h6>

Contribution to Campus Internationalization through Intercultural Collaborative Projects


To increase the contribution to the community, the universities, and society through collaborative work with team members of different languages and cultural backgrounds. Participating in international collaboration work promotes teamwork skills, leadership skills, and confidence to take initiative. Take this opportunity to experience working with diverse perspectives and develop new values.

Course objectives
  • Students with different languages and cultural backgrounds work together on a collaborative project to become familiar with cross-cultural communication and to get a better understanding of different cultures.
  • Students are able to experience the college version of social contribution by planning and implementing projects within a limited timeframe while keeping the "outcome" in mind.
  • Viewing the university community and the society around us in many different perspectives allows students to reconsider and strengthen their own values and view of society. Students can also learn and implement effective problem solving methods along with the skill to observe their global surroundings with a sense of flexibility.
Course Description

Almost half the class is dedicated to discussions and activities related to each group's project. All teams are evaluated on a regular basis to measure their progress and to get feedback from their classmates to further improve their project with the cooperation from other teams. This is an introductory course to cross-cultural communication and project developing. The first step to developing projects is "Preparing a project" which include creating, planning, and preparing to carry out the project. The next step is to "carry out the project" and finally, the results of the project will be confirmed through a final debriefing session.


Report(40%) Presentation(30%) Participation in Team Project(30%)