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Faculty Member

Norio Tsuge

Curriculum Vitae

March 1978Graduated from the Faculty of Agronomy, Tokyo University
April 1978Researcher, The National Research Institute of Agricultural Economics
September 1994-August 1995Visiting Scholar, Department of Land Economy,The University of Cambridge
April 1996Professor, Faculty of Economics,Tohoku University
April 1998-Professor, Graduate School of Economics and Management,Tohoku University

Academic Degree

Doctor of Agriculture ( Tokyo University)

Current Position

Professor, Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University

Fields of Research

Agricultural Economics

Research Topics

1. Modern British agriculture

2. The Common Agricultural Policy in the European Union

3. Causes of Agricultural Problems


Graduate: (Seminars excl.) Agricultural Economics

Undergraduate:(Seminars excl.) Economic Policy

Main Research Results

1.Symbiotic Relationship in Western European Agriculture ; With Special Reference to the United Kingdom, Norin Toukei Kyokai, 2010.(in Japanese)

2."Compensation for Unexhausted Value of Improvements in the Pure Theory of Capitalism", Journal of Rural Economics, Vol.78, No.3, December 2006, pp. 1-9. ( in Japanese)

3."Decline of Landlordism in British Agriculture", Quarterly Journal of Agricultural Economy, Vol.44, No.4, October 1990, pp.1-67. ( in Japanese )

4."Towards a Theory of Agricultural Problems", Quarterly Journal of Agricultural Economy, Vol.48, No.2, April 1994, pp.53-80. ( in Japanese )


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