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Faculty Member

Nobuhiko Terui

Curriculum Vitae

March 1983B.A. Tohoku U. Dept. of Economics
March 1985M.S. Tohoku U. Graduate School of Economics
November 1990Ph.D. Tohoku U. Graduate School of Economics

Current Position

Professor of Marketing Research, Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University

Fields of Research

Marketing, Statistical Science, Econometrics

Research Topics

Nonlinear structural modeling on limited dependent variable models

Bayes modeing on marketing

Customizations on marketing strategy

Consumer behavior

Measuirng advertising effectiveness

Bisiness forecasting

Statisitcal inference on time series models

Bayesian statisitcs


Graduate: (Seminars excl.) Marketing Research

Undergraduate:(Seminars excl.) Econometrics

Main Research Results

Modeling heterogenous effective advertising stock using single-source data.[Quantitative Marketing and Economics,6(4),(2008),415-438] Nobuhiko Terui and Masataka Ban

Estimating Heterogeneous Price Thresholds.[Marketing Science,25(4),(2006),384-391] Nobuhiko Terui, Wirawan Dony Dahana

Price customization using price thresholds estimated from scanner panel data.[Journal of Interactive Marketing,20(3),(2006),58-70] Nobuhiko Terui, Wirawan Dony Dahana

Composite Forecasts of Linear and Nonlinear Time Series Models.[International Journal of Forecasting,18(3),(2002),421-438] Nobuhiko Terui, Herman K. van Dijk

Bayesian Modeling on Marketing (in Japanese)[Tokyo Denki U. Press(2008)], Nobuhiko Terui

Others (Awards, Contribution to Society etc.)

The Tjalling C.Koopmans Econometric Theory Prize (with Profs. Y.Hosoya and Y.Tsukuda) (1992)


Academic Research Staff at Tohoku University
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