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Faculty Member

Yasunari Takaura

Curriculum Vitae

March 1996Bachelor of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University
March 1998Master of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University
March 2001Withdrawal with Completion of Course Requirements from the Doctoral Program of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University

Academic Degree

Master of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University

Current Position

Associate Professor of Principles of Management Theories, Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University

Fields of Research

Principles of Business Administration

Research Topics

corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship

critical management studies: Habermasian political approach to management thought

business and society: relationship between business and nonprofit

methodologies of management theories


Graduate: (Seminars excl.) Principles of Management Theories

Undergraduate:(Seminars excl.) Principles of Business Administration

Main Research Results

Corporate Governance'. Management Faculty in Tohoku University (ed.). Studying Management with Cases. Tokyo:Yuhikaku, 2008, 288-325.

Food Education Program for Children Raising Vegetables'. M. Kishida (ed.). Useful Tool for NPO: Tips of Collaboration. Nagoya: Fubosha Press, 2007, 133-143.

Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility: Critical Comments on the Crises of Rationality and Legitimation.' Society and Ethics: Nanzan University, Nagoya (Academic Journal)/21, 53-62, 2007

Capitalized Social Capital: Lessons from the Civil Windmill Project of the Hokkaido Green Fund.'Journal of Tohoku University Economics (Academic Journal)/68-4, 159-169, 2007

Business Ethics Education and Existential Philosophy: From a Levinasian Perspective.' Journal of Japan Society for Business Ethics Study (Academic Journal)/14, 15-25 (Mar. 2007).

Others (Awards, Contribution to Society etc.)

Young Scholar Awards for Excellent Dissertations, Japan Society of Business Ethics Study, 2000

Research Awards for Recommended Dissertations, Japan Academy of Management Philosophy, 2001


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