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Faculty Member

Midori Wakabayashi

Curriculum Vitae

1994/04~1998/03Department of Commerce, Otaru University of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce
1998/04~2000/03Graduate School of Economics (Master Programs), Osaka University
2000/04~2003/03Graduate School of Economics (Doctoral Program), Osaka University
2003/04~2006/03Lecturer, Department of Economics, Osaka Prefecture University
2006/04~2007/03Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Osaka Prefecture University
2007/04~2013/03Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Osaka Prefecture University
2013/04 to dateAssociate Professor, Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University

Academic Degree

PhD in Economics

Current Position

Associate Professor

Fields of Research

Social Security, Household behavior

Main Research Results

Refereed Papers

1. Retirement Saving in Japan: With Emphasis on the Impact of Social Security and Retirement Payments, 2001, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 15, 131-159

2. Annuitized Asset Adequacy in Japan: The Demand for Individual Pensions, 2005, The Review of Income and Wealth, 51(3), 419-442

3. The Retirement Consumption Puzzle in Japan, 2008, Journal of Population Economics, 21, 983-1005

4. Taxing the Stork, 2008, National Tax Journal, 61, 167-87, (Co-author: Kureishi, W.)

5. Is the Eldest Son Different? The Residential Choice of Siblings in Japan, 2009, Japan and World Economy, 21(4), 337-348, (Co-author: Horioka, C. Y.)

6. Why Do the First-born Children Live with Their Parents, 2010, Japan and World Economy 22(3), 159-172, (Co-author: Kureishi, W.)

7. Son Preference in Japan, 2011, Journal of Population Economics, 24(3), 873-893, (Co-author: Kureishi, W.)

8. What motivates single women to save? the case of Japan, 2013, Review of Economics of the Household, 24(3), 681-704, 11(4), (Co-author: Kureishi, W.)


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