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Faculty Member

Michi Fukushima

Curriculum Vitae

March 1992Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Tohoku University
March 1997Withdrawal with Completion of Course Requirements from the Doctoral Program of Graduate School of Commerce , Hitotsubashi University
October 2000 - September 2002Visiting scholar of the University of Texas at Austin, IC2s research institute & McCombs School of Business

Academic Degree

Master of Commerce, Ph.D (Management)

Current Position

Professor of Regional Enterprises , Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University

Fields of Research


Research Topics


Technology Transfer from Academia to Industry

Cluster Strategy

Strategy of Regional Enterprises

Social Entrepreneurs


Graduate: (Seminars excl.) Regional enterprise theory

Undergraduate:(Seminars excl.) Strategic Management

Main Research Results

Michi FukushimagDisclosing activities by inventors and technology commercialization: a case study of a Japanese company,h John Sibley Butler, David Gibson(ed), Global Perspectives on Technology Transfer and Commercialization: Building@Innovative@Ecosystems, Edward Elgar Publishing, Ltd. Cheltenham Glos, UK,(2011) pp.146-161.

Michi FukushimagThe role of serial entrepreneurs in the spin-off processhISPIM 2011,proceeding (2011).

Others (Awards, Contribution to Society etc.)

Consultant of Miyagi Prefecture (2004-2006)

Japan Academic Society for Venture and Enterprise, the 5th Tadao Kiyonari award (2010)


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