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Faculty Member

Yoh Kawana

Curriculum Vitae

School of Politics, Economics, and Business, Aoyama Gakuin University
Centre for Urban History, Department of Economic and Social History, The University of Leicester, UK

Academic Degree

Ph.D. in Urban History (The University of Leicester)

Current Position

Professor of Economic History of Western Europe, Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University

Fields of Research

Urban History, Economic & Social History

Research Topics

English urban history

The economy and sociey in early modern England

Comparative economic history

Long-term economic change


Graduate: (Seminars excl.) Comparative Economic History (English), Economic History of Western Europe (bilingual) , Economic and Business History

Undergraduate:(Seminars excl.) Introduction to Economic History (Japanese), Economic History (Japanese),, Economic History of Western Europe (bilingual) , Specialist Reading Class (bilingual)

Main Research Results


Formality and informality in early modern English towns (Tokyo, 2010)


eThe transformation of poor relief and caring facilities in medieval England.A history of urban hospitalsf, The Keizai Gaku, Annual Report of Economic Society, vol. 76 (2018)

eThe growth of handicraft industries in medieval and early modern England:An urban historyf, The Keizai Gaku, Annual Report of Economic Society, vol. 74 (2014)

eCommercialisation in medieval and early modern England: From the pointof view of Urban History,f in T. Nakano et al., eds., Exploring urban spaces in eighteenth-century English towns (Tokyo, 2012)

eState formation during the 'long seventeenth century': recent studieson public authority and civility in early modern England,fSocio-Economic History, vol. 73 (2007)

eTrade, Sociability, and Governance in an English Incorporated Borough:'Formal' and 'Informal' Worlds in Leicester, c.1570-1640,f Urban History, vol. 33, 3 (2006)

eThe changing economic foundation of an early modern English town: Thecase of an inland town, Leicester,f in Studies on English Urban History: Towns and Regions, co-edited by the Study Group of English Urban and Rural Communities andthe Tohoku University Study Group of Economic and Business History (Tokyo,2004)

eUrban process in early modern England: The case of county town Leicester,f The Comparative Urban History Review, vol. 19 (2000)

eThe impact of London's growth in the late sixteenth and early seventeenthcenturies: A new approach,f Annual Report of the Economic Society of Tohoku University, vol. 61i1999j, 353-67


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