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Faculty Member

Shigemi Izumida

Curriculum Vitae

May 1965Born
March 1990Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Keio University
March 1995Withdrawal with Completion of Course Requirements from the Theoretical Economics and Economic History Course in Doctoral Program of Graduate School of Economics, Tokyo University

Current Position

Professor of Industrial Organization, Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University

Fields of Research

Industrial Organization, Competition Policy

Research Topics

Governance Structure and Corporate Activity

Economics of Organization and Information

Industrial Policy and Competition Policy


Graduate: (Seminars excl.) Industrial Organization

Undergraduate:(Seminars excl.) Economic Policy

Main Research Results

1..'Management Rights and Distribution Structure in Japanese Firms.' [Japan and the World Economy, 10(2), (1998), 135-156] Shigemi Izumida

2. 'Japanese Firms in Financial Distress and Main Banks : Analyses of Interest Rate Premia.' [Japan and World Economy,8(2),(1996),175-194] Masahiro Kawai, Juro Hashimoto, Shigemi Izumida

3..'Ownership Concentration and Corporate Performance: A Casual Analysis with Japanese Panel Data.' [Corporate Governance An International Review,16(4),(2008),342-348] Hu, Yabei, Izumida, Shigemi

4..'Does Economic Environment Affect Ownership-performance Relation? Evidence from Financial Deregulation in Japan.' [International Journal of Business and Management,3(6),(2008),44-56] Yabei Hu, Shigemi Izumida


Academic Research Staff at Tohoku University