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Faculty Member

Shiro Hioki

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. of management (with hon.) (Department of Agricultural Economics, Renmin University of China)

Current Position

Professor of Asian Economy, Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University

Fields of Research

Modern Chinese Economy

Research Topics

Inter- and Intra-regional Input-Output Analysis of Chinese Economy

China's Spatial Economy

China's industrial agglomeration

Main Research Results

1.Hioki, S. G.J.D.Hewings, and N. Okamoto, (2009b) "Identifying the Structural Changes of China's Spatial Production Linkages Using a Qualitative Input-Output Analysis," Journal of Econometric Study of Northeast Asia, Vol.6, No.2.

2.Hioki, S. and N. Okamoto, (2009a) "How Have China's Intra-and Inter-Regional Input-Output Linkages Changed During the Reform?" in Nazul Islam (ed.) Resurgent China: Issues for the future. Palgrave Macmillan.

3.Hioki, S.(2004)"China's Economic Disparities and the Tricling-down Effects from Coastal Region to Inland Regions, in Japanese Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol.41, No.1

4.Takeo Ihara et al. Multi-regional Input-Output Model for China 2000, Institute of Developing Economies/ Japan External Trade Organization.

5.Shiro, H.(2003)"China's Market Fragmentation," in Nobuhiro Okamoto (ed.) "China's Interregional Economic Structure: Inter-regional Input-Output Analysis Vol.2, IDE-JETRO.

Others (Awards, Contribution to Society etc.)

Special senior researcher of China-Japan economic research center, Chinese Academy for Social Science, Institute of Japanese Studies


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