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Message from the Dean Economic Literacy as Common Language Proficiency for Global Economic World Leaders


Nobuhiko Terui

Graduate School of Economics and Management,
Tohoku University

   Social change, called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is about to take place on the ground of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) due to the development of information technology. In this trend, we are expecting a major reform of social structure through realization of "Super Smart Society". Our modern society is also called "Knowledge Society". Since knowledge has no borders, globalization progresses inevitably and individual capabilities are further questioned regardless of gender and age. Furthermore, the progress of knowledge is rapid and technological innovation is constantly born in competitive circumstances. Then broad knowledge and flexible thinking ability for accommodating these changes are required. Also, in order to produce results using knowledge, cooperation with people in diverse fields is required so that cooperation and communication skills are also necessary.
    The education of our faculty of economics is characterized by comprehensive learning of economics and management from synthetic perspective. The dense communication in seminar class with small number of students and broad systematic curriculum ranging from theoretical subjects that deeply explore economic phenomena by theoretical aspects over the practical subjects that are directly linked to business practice. In terms of this educational scheme, we foster leaders who support the social economy in the coming super smart society.
    A knowledge society with a rapid change requires continue learning of you throughout your life. As a starting point of this lifelong education, we provide you with opportunity of studying economics and management in order to acquire the insight into the future and the communication ability for collaboration with others.