Graduate School of Economics and Management / Faculty of Economics, Tohoku University
Economic history and business history seminar held on June 27, 2015. Check here for details (Japanese).
Thirty-sixth "Producer School" Session held on 24 June 2015. Check here for details (Japanese).
RIRC hold the 1st Social innovator school on 9 June, 2015. Check here for details (Japanese).
Admission guidance for International Graduate School of Accounting Policy (IGSAP) held in Tokyo on May 6, 2015. Check here for details (Japanese).
International Graduate School of Accounting Policy (IGSAP) held a kick-off seminar on February 28 and March 31, 2015. Check here for details (Japanese).
RIRC signed an agreement of the cooperation with Miyagi Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs. Check here for details (Japansese).
A team including Takuya Suzuki, a student in the 3rd year of the Faculty, won the 1st prize in Asia-Pacific Student Leadership Forum 2015 held at National University of Singapore on June 10, 2015. Check here for details (Japansese).
Mr. Akiyama, a student in the 4th year of the Faculty, received an excellent award in the preliminary in Niigata of The 14th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students (held on 16 of May, 2015), and given “Confucius Institute Scholarship" to study in China by the Chinese government.
Writing examination subjects changed in Master’s Program Admission: -Deleted Economics of Aging in the 1st group and Medical Welfare System in the 2nd group from Economics and Management Subjects.
-Removed Medical Welfare Economics in Economics and Management Subjects from the 1st group to the 2nd group.
A commendation ceremony of the 2014 President Fellowship held on 14 April, 2015. Two students of the Graduate School commended by the president in the ceremony. Check here for details (Japansese).
The Faculty began a series of lectures by Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, one of professional baseball teams in Japan, this year, too (since 2013).