Graduate School of Economics and Management / Faculty of Economics, Tohoku University
Thirty-third "Producer School" Session held on 1 May 2014. Check here for details (Japanese).
Explanatory Meeting on Faculty of Economics held on 29 May 2014. Check here for details (Japanese).
A commendation ceremony of the 2013 President Fellowship held on 9 April, 2014. Two students (D2: SONG YU, D1: CHEN FENGMING) of the Graduate School were commended in the ceremony by the president.
Senior Assistant Professor Kira received the Presentation Award in Research presentation in spring 2014 held by The Operations Research Society of Japan on 6-7 March, 2014.
The 2013 Presidential Prize for Students Excellent was given to four students (undergraduate: 3, graduate: 1) of the Graduate School. Check here for details (Japanese).