Faculty of Economics, Tohoku University

Various possibilities for those who want to study more profoundly in their already chosen field

More than 10% of the students who graduate from the Faculty of Economics continue their studies in graduate school. At the Graduate School of Economics and Management, students can acquire skills and specialized knowledge in the Department of Economics and Management and the Accounting School (Department of Accountancy).

Principles and Goals

We offer an advanced comprehensive education in Economics and Business Administration. We nurture researchers who contribute to solving the social and economic problems of the 21st century and talented individuals who would become social leaders with advanced and specialized professional skills such as certified public accountants. Also, students are educated as forward-looking members of society who can respond to the needs of modern times.

Admission Policies

Tohoku University Graduate School of Economics and Management offers two major fields of study. At the Department of Economics and Management, we want students who have strong interest and also basic knowledge in Economics and Business Administration and who wish to become researchers in the fields above or active professionals. At the Accounting School, we want people who have basic knowledge of accounting and who wish to master analytical abilities and become experts in accounting, and who will be active internationally.