Graduate School of Economics and Management / Faculty of Economics, Tohoku University
Regional Innovation Research Center deliver a lecture in connection with Miyagi Prefectural College on each day of 5, 12, 19 and 26 September 2014. Check here for details (Japanese) and here for application (Japanese).
Explanatory Meeting on Faculty of Economics held on 30 October 2014. Check here for details (Japanese).
An international workshop of Japanese-American universities’ cooperation held on 10 July, 2014. Check here for details (Japanese).
Thirty-fourth "Producer School" Session held on 25 June 2014. Check here for details (Japanese).
A research report meeting held by Research Division of the Aged Society and Public Policy “Economic System Science Research Project for Long Sustainable Growth in East Asia, the Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University,” Tohoku University's Focused Research Project, on 11 June 2014. Check here for details (Japanese).
Thirty-third "Producer School" Session held on 1 May 2014. Check here for details (Japanese).
Explanatory Meeting on Faculty of Economics held on 29 May 2014. Check here for details (Japanese).
For three years running, Earthquake Recovery Research Center distributes a questionnaire on the actual conditions of enterprises suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation. Check here for details (Japanese).
Information on official summer holiday
All sections of the Graduate School and the Faculty closed for the official summer holiday from 13 through 15 August, 2014.
Six students of the Faculty received the 2014 Global Hagi Encouragement Award of Studying Abroad by Tohoku University Fund. Check here for details (Japanese)
Professor Fukushima received the 2014 TAKAMIYA Award by The Academic Association for Organizational Science for her book, The formation of a high-tech cluster and local initiatives: How has Austin grown into a high-tech city?
The Prudential Foundation (U.S.A.) will pay about 100 million yen as funds to start businesses for the graduates of RIPS. Check here and here (Tohoku Univesity's HP) for details (Japanese).
Tohoku University Accounting School given the title of “The 2013 Certified Accounting School” by AOPAS. Check here for details (Japanese).
A commendation ceremony of the 2013 President Fellowship held on 9 April, 2014. Two students (D2: SONG YU, D1: CHEN FENGMING) of the Graduate School were commended in the ceremony by the president.
Senior Assistant Professor Kira received the Presentation Award in Research presentation in spring 2014 held by The Operations Research Society of Japan on 6-7 March, 2014.
The 2013 Presidential Prize for Students Excellent was given to four students (undergraduate: 3, graduate: 1) of the Graduate School. Check here for details (Japanese).